Law enforcement agencies
Law Enforcement Agencies
Law Enforcement Agencies
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In the interest of law enforcement agencies, JSC «Satellite System Gonets» offers various services, including personal communications, transmission of positioning and other types of data, Internet access. The solutions based on the «Gonets» and «Loutch» systems provide satellite channels at any point that allow our subscribers to be in connected at any distance from populated areas, dispatch or command posts.

In the interest of consumers, on the basis of «Gonets» system are provided:
  • Monitoring the location of vehicles and special equipment, including the option of personal communication (messaging) with the crew;
  • Communications with remote locations, mobile groups, units;
  • Circular notification of mobile groups, units, stationary and mobile objects;
  • Regular technological monitoring of facilities;
  • Communication and transmission of telematic information from ships, special equipment, transport, including the Arctic Territories and the Northern Sea Route.
In the interest of consumers, on the basis of «Loutch» system are provided:
  • Facilitation of videoconferencing; TV-reporting;
  • Group access to the Internet (a temporary network is deployed, with a depth of up to 12 km).
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