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The portal "news" about MXR Luch
The portal "news" about MXR Luch
«Luch» system

27 Feb portal "Izvestia" published an article on the multifunctional space system relay (MCR) Luch. Special attention is paid to the material plans to start round-the-clock information support of the Russian segment of the International space station (ISS) using the channels MKSR "Ray." Testing will begin after the installation is complete, astronauts inside the ISS with the necessary equipment delivery to the ISS is planned for March of this year. Enter a promising broadband Ku-band will provide the Russian segment of the ISS capabilities for continuous connection, including videokonferentssvyazi, Internet access, possibility of exchange of Land for large files.

The article covers also other tasks MXR Luch, including relationships with other objects rocket and space technology, service platforms collect data of Roshydromet, the retransmission of data GLONASS and COSPAS-SARSAT, organization of reserve channels at the Baikonur and Vostochny.


Spacecraft "Luch-5A"