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The anniversary of the launch of the first SPACECRAFT "Gonets-D"
The anniversary of the launch of the first SPACECRAFT "Gonets-D"

Today marks the 25th anniversary since the launch of the first two satellites "Gonets-D", that first showed the workability of mobile satellite communication system "Gonets". The system, originally a conversion development, was the world's first low-orbit communications system and opened a new and important page in the development of space telecommunications systems.

Since the start of the demonstration period that began with the launch of the first spacecraft "Gonets-D", the system "Gonets" has been improved and developed and now successfully provides services to various customers in the public and commercial sectors on the basis of a constellation of 12 spacecraft "Gonets-M".

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed one's efforts at the very start of important and unique direction in space activities – mobile satellite communications, as well as anyone who works today on this important for the domestic telecom field!

Spacecraft "Gonets-D"