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MSRS "Loutch" successfully worked on the launch of the WPK "Soyuz MS-06"
MSRS "Loutch" successfully worked on the launch of the WPK "Soyuz MS-06"

MSRS "Loutch" performed in the normal mode the task of transferring the service information from transport manned spacecraft (TMS) "Soyuz MS-06", successfully put into orbit by carrier rocket "Soyuz-FG" September 13.

The ship, launched at 00:17:02 Moscow time from the platform №1 of Baikonur cosmodrome, made a scheduled docking with the International space station at 05:55 GMT, bringing her international crew: cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin (Roscosmos), astronauts Mark Vande Hai (NASA) and Joseph Aqaba (NASA).

After separation of the spacecraft from the launch vehicle during the flight to the ISS, performed on a 4-turn scheme, means MSRS "Loutch" was successfully held 8 sessions relay information. In performing responsible tasks for them to ensure the launch involved two spacecraft orbital grouping system "Loutch-5A" and "Loutch-5B". The relay channel was used for the transmission of telemetry data and commands in the control channel.

We are grateful to our colleagues of the Service development MSRS "Loutch", who took part in the implementation of responsible tasks in a highly professional and competent actions, while ensuring the run!