telemetry from space-rockets equipment communications for iss
Telemetry from Space&Rocket Equipment, Communications for ISS
Telemetry from Space&Rocket Equipment, Communications for ISS
Russian space relaying on geostationary orbit

Multifunctional space relay system (MSRS) «Loutch» is mainly intended for information support of space and rocket equipment (SRE), including the International Space Station. The means of system make it possible to provide relaying of telemetry from SRE equipment at various stages of launch and further, during the target operation of the spacecraft. To provide the communication channel on board the carrier rocket/upper stage/spacecraft, relay equipment MSRS «Loutch» is installed onboard.

MSRS «Loutch» satellites radio visibility zones allow relaying telemetric data from various typed oа SRE equipment, on flight trajectories with altitudes up to 2000 km, incl. Polar ones. The means of system are successfully used for these purposes at the cosmodromes Vostochny and Baikonur, and there is an opportunity to service the Plesetsk cosmodrome. The information from the SRE equipment is transmitted to the earth receiving & transmitting stations located on the territory of Russia, from where it is delivered via the infrastructure of the system to the Unified Control Center for the upper stages, the Mission Control Center and other users of the target information.

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