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Contracted production 9 SPACECRAFT "Gonets-M"
Contracted production 9 SPACECRAFT "Gonets-M"
«Gonets» system

Contracted production 9 SPACECRAFT (SC) "Gonets-M". In an interview with TASS said the General Director of the factory satellites of the JSC "ISS" named after academician M. F. Reshetnev" N.. Testoedov: "At the end of this year, we get the first repeaters and begin to collect these satellites <...> Six we plan to produce in 2019, three in 2020".

The planned production of space vehicles will provide regular replenishment of the orbital group of the multifunctional personal satellite communication system "Gonets-D1M" and its functioning in the staffing of 12 KA. For a single run is provided by the excretion of 3 KA.

SPACECRAFT "Messenger-M" on the stocks in the folded position